Children of the Stars: A Story of Unarius

Using rare archival footage and interviews, Children of the Stars chronicles a UFO contactee group as they relive their past lives on other planets by making their own science fiction films.

In 1973, Ruth Norman, a 73 year old widow and self described cosmic visionary purchased 67 acres of land in the mountains east of San Diego, California as a landing site for the Space Brothers, emissaries from the Intergalactic Confederation. Nearly 40 years later, a group of dedicated followers still await their arrival.

At the Unarius Academy of Science death does not exist, Nicola Tesla was a Space Brother, Satan drove a Cadillac and science fiction is real. To relive their pasts the students film their own sci-fi extravaganzas with the increasingly extravagant Ruth Norman as the star and the lines between fantasy and reality dissolve. Through rare archival footage and interviews Children of the Stars tells their story.

Hillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court

A feature length documentary from Backyard Green Films in association with Billingsgate Media, Hillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court tells the story of the “outlaw Allen clan” of Virginia and the shooting  that left five dead and seven wounded, including a judge and district attorney. The story landed on the front page of the New York Times and made an entire family synonymous with evil in the eyes of the nation. But were the Allens guilty as charged? What is the truth behind the tragedy?


Gustavo Romero: Portrait in Piano

A film about renowned classical pianist Gustavo Romero, directed by Jonathan Bewley and filmed by Bill Perrine of Billingsgate Media. The film premiered January 31, 2012 in La Jolla, Ca with other solo and festival screenings to be announced soon. A DVD release is also forthcoming.

Suds County USA

Directed by Sheldon Kaplan, filmed and edited by Bill Perrine of Billingsgate Media. From 1953 to 1987, no beer was brewed on a commercial basis in San Diego County, period. Now some two decades plus on, San Diego County wins more brewing medals in national and international competitions than entire US states. In the 2010 World Beer Cup, one of brewing’s most prestigious international contests, San Diego brewers and breweries took home more medals than Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom combined! SUDS COUNTY, USA tells the remarkable story of this brewing renaissance and covers the inextricable connection between the local pro brewers and home brewers who made this transition possible.

Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin in B

Directed by Rick Bowman, filmed and edited by Bill Perrine of Billingsgate Media. A tribute to bluegrass mandolin legend Herschel Sizemore.