Untitled Noise Project

Directed by Bill Perrine and Jason Ponce. A work in progress.

Exploring the idea of noise as a metaphor for our relationship to life the Untitled Noise Project inhabits a world of noise from the slums of Mumbai to the lofts of Soho. Emphasizing the experiential qualities of sound and image rather than traditional talking head interviews and narration the film utilizes a multifaceted cinematic approach, presenting thematically and philosophically related documentary vignettes that link the idea of noise to a diverse array of human experience, including the structures of power, social order, music, science, philosophy, prose, poetry, and our relationship to the environment.

Intimate portraits of individuals living lives of noise collide with filmic soundscapes that immerse us in specific sound environments; the portraits illuminate a facet of the world of noise while the soundscapes allow a viewer to appreciate unmediated sound environments and their relation to the visual. Throughout, we explore noise as the language of disruption and the sound of life.