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Herschel Sizemore – Mandolin in B

Here’s a trailer for ‘Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin in B’, a documentary I’m editing for Backyard Green Films about the bluegrass legend. It should be out in October.


Children of the Stars, Billingsgate Media’s feature-length documentary on Unarius, is scheduled for release in February of 2012. Details TBA.

Rick Bowman’s Hillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court, on which I worked, won an Indie Fest award. Read about it here. We’re currently shooting Rick’s next documentary, details to be announced.

Snapshots Foundation’s Gustavo Romero: Portrait in Piano, which I shot, premieres January 31st, 2012 in La Jolla. Order tickets here

My good friend Jason Marzini is taking his urban high school video production students to Rwanda and he needs your help. This is a great and fascinating project. Check it out here and be a good samaritan.

Suds County USA should be done in February as well.

Unarius Production & Suds Trailers

Unarius student Kevin Kennedy being interviewed for Billingsgate Media’s Unarius documentary.

For those who’ve asked, here are two trailers for Ibhayi Media’s documentary on San Diego brewing, for which I’m serving as editor and first cameraman.


It seems to be impossible to link to it directly or embed in any way, but I filmed a profile of the Mauger Trio (featuring Mark Dresser, Gerry Hemingway and Rudresh Mahanthappa) for the Snapshots Foundation and it can be found over here



Billingsgate Media’s feature length Unarius documentary is well into production and we’re having a great time learning about the Space Brothers and our past lives. Were Rick and I really Sumerian scribes? Tune in and find out!

The feature documentary “Hillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court” (a Backyard Green Films Production in association with Billingsgate Media) premiered to a sold-out house at the Rex Theatre in Galax, Virginia on August 18. Other screenings are planned and DVDs will be available shortly. A short article about the film is here.

Work chugs pleasantly along on  Garnell Fitz-Henley’s “Bliss”, Snapshots Foundation’s Gustavo Romero bio, Ibhayi Media’s “Suds County USA”, and sundry other projects both big and small. We’re also wrapping up a heap of educational videos for Achieve3000 and some stuff for the Media Arts Center.

Here’s a promo for a short film I shot for the Snapshots Foundation on musician Gregory Page. The whole shebang can be seen at the Snapshots website.

Unarius Documentary

Billingsgate Media is currently in production on a feature length documentary about Unarius, an El Cajon based group awaiting the arrival of the Space Brothers, emissaries from the Interplanetary Confederation. Stay tuned.