Monthly Archives: February 2012

Children of the Stars update and Gustavo Romero premiere

Billingsgate Media is proud to announce that film composer Randin Graves will be composing and performing the music for director Bill Perrine’s upcoming feature documentary Children of the Stars. Randin is a Fulbright Fellow with an astounding command of diverse genres and styles. His work has been featured in numerous films, televisions programs, video games and other projects. Check out his website. A trailer for the film should be up soon and we expect post-production to wrap up in early March, upon which it will embark on the salty sea of film festivals, hug the rocky shores of DVD distribution, sail the Homeric straits of VOD, and manfully resist the siren call of tortured metaphors.

Last night was the premiere of director Jonathan Bewley’s documentary “Gustavo Romero: Portrait in Piano” which was filmed by Bill of Billingsgate Media. It played to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. More screenings, including some festival appearances, will be announced soon and it will eventually be featured on DVD etc. Photo above by Roy Thomasson.

If you’re in Virginia be sure to catch a screening of Hillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court, directed by Rick Bowman, edited and co-written by me. It’s playing in Roanoke on February 23 and in Galax February 26. Ticket info coming soon.

Also a video I shot and edited for the Media Arts Center was supposed to be featured on the front page of the California Council for the Humanities website but I sure as hell don’t see it.