Monthly Archives: August 2011



Billingsgate Media’s feature length Unarius documentary is well into production and we’re having a great time learning about the Space Brothers and our past lives. Were Rick and I really Sumerian scribes? Tune in and find out!

The feature documentary “Hillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court” (a Backyard Green Films Production in association with Billingsgate Media) premiered to a sold-out house at the Rex Theatre in Galax, Virginia on August 18. Other screenings are planned and DVDs will be available shortly. A short article about the film is here.

Work chugs pleasantly along on  Garnell Fitz-Henley’s “Bliss”, Snapshots Foundation’s Gustavo Romero bio, Ibhayi Media’s “Suds County USA”, and sundry other projects both big and small. We’re also wrapping up a heap of educational videos for Achieve3000 and some stuff for the Media Arts Center.

Here’s a promo for a short film I shot for the Snapshots Foundation on musician Gregory Page. The whole shebang can be seen at the Snapshots website.